Be My Guest

Sundays are officially reserved for guest bloggers! Lord knows I need to update my blog more often, and I know plenty of fellow authors who could use the publicity. So if you're a romance or erotica author looking to get the word out about your latest masterpiece, e-mail me here and reserve your Sunday. You can post anything you want, but if you're having trouble coming up with something, here is a list of questions you can feel free to choose from:

What is the best dirty joke you've ever heard?
What book that you've written so far is your favorite or the most meaningful? Why?

How did you come up with your pen name?
What made you want to become a writer?
How do you define a successful writer?
Where do you find inspiration?
Do you have a favorite place to write?
Do your stories tend to have a recurring theme? If so, what is it?
What books and/or writers have inspired you?
Were your stories secret projects or were you able to be open with your family and friends about your writing?
Do you have any weird writing habits?
What advice would you give to any aspiring writers that might be reading this?

These are just ideas. You can pick and choose or make up your own. And, of course, be sure to send a picture of your release, a blurb, and an excerpt.