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Elise is the beautiful bartender at Manny's, and Johnny is the mysterious and oh-so-sexy bouncer. They've been sleeping together for a month, but Elise is starting to want more. She wants to get to know Johnny, to find out who he really is. When a customer gets rowdy in the bar and then threatens her life later that night, she gets the opportunity to do just that. She discovers the secret Johnny's been trying to keep—he's a shape shifter, and he's been living his life on the run to avoid being recruited by the government for his talents. Elise got what she wanted, but it may mean the end of their affair instead of the beginning of a relationship.


It was annoying to discover Jackson Montague was her latest assignment when she’d picked him up in a bar for recreation only a few nights earlier, but Megan figured they were both professionals. They could handle it. Unfortunately, ‘not interested’ only piqued playboy Jackson Montague’s hunting instincts. He figured as long as she was body guarding they might as well enjoy it.

Short Stories

             "Midnight Ménage à Trois"
                "Young & Crazy"


"Seven-Letter Word"

The Erotic Woman (free)                                      
Good Neighbors
The Eroticism of Danger

For The Girls (subscription only)

An Afternoon with Aphrodite
The Dance

Ruthie's Club (defunct)

No Regrets
A Hair Affair
Car Trouble in Paradise


The Erotic Woman (free)