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And the winner of the Silver Flash Scavenger Hunt is...

Loh Ah Mooi!

Congratulations from all of the flashers, Loh! And a big thank you to all of those who participated. You're all absolutely amazing, and we hope you continue to enjoy the Silver Flash Wednesdays.

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Silver Flash!: "The Death of a Dog, Pt. 5"

Welcome back, folks! This week you'll discover the meaning of the title and the method behind the madness of Raven and Amber's strange relationship. The prompt was "You know what, there's no point to this."

The results of last week's scavenger hunt will be announced by 12:00am EST on Friday, so be sure to check back!

And, lastly, happy birthday to my mama. She's turning the big 5-0 today!

Amber was in the woods again, but instead of a paved road, there were rough dirt paths and wigwams. Raven was there, somewhere, sporting a tall mowhawk and leather legwear. The images were vague, the events dijointed. Somewhere there was a dog, a spirit running through everyone's legs. Someone was angry, yelling, Raven was arguing. What had he done? There was an animal pelt in his hand, but it wasn't anything Amber was familiar with. No raccoon, no deer...What, then? The words " choice" reached her ears. Tears welled in her eyes for a reason she couldn't explain. Raven was crying, too. Members of the tribe were grabbing their hair and screaming. Then his wet eyes locked on hers.

Memories she couldn't possibly have flashed before her eyes. She and Raven were on the ground in one of the bark-covered structures, lying on pelts, rolling naked in the soft fur. His tender lips kissed her neck, her breasts, her mouth. She'd never felt the kind of pleasure this phantom was giving her now, thrusting into her, grasping her hands, keeping her close, then letting her ride, gasping for air, touching her, bringing her to a powerful climax--they were a single, writhing entity.

Then she was back in the midst of the horrible screams, looking into her lover's eyes as his hands were pulled behind his back by two warriors. The spirit dog stopped in front of Amber, staring at her. She finally got a good look at him. He was some kind of mixed breed, with a long nose, pointed ears, and brown around his eyes. He just looked at her, wisdom in his dark gaze, a powerful anger emanting from his being. Raven's panted struggles drew her eyes away from the animal. The shaman was carving the hourglass symbols into her lover's smooth skin as she watched, marking his hand, shoulder, and thigh. More words, more whispers "Sacrifice...Lake Serpent..." Some wanted to throw him to the monster. The monster that Amber suddenly knew was very real. She remembered. She'd seen it many times.

But they didn't get the chance to make a decision. The shaman was preparing to carve the same hourglass symbol into Raven's cheek when the spirit dog leapt from his place at Amber's feet and charged Raven. Throughout the dream, and even now, Amber remained frozen where she stood. She watched as the spirit disappeared into her lover's body. Then Raven changed. His teeth were sharp, his nails grew into strong claws, and his eyes were the dog's angry eyes. And they locked on Amber once again.

All Amber could do was shake her head. A single, simple movement. She knew everything. Raven was her husband. He'd gone on a hunting trip, gotten lost, begun to starve, and killed his dog. He'd not only failed at his appointed task, he'd committed a forbidden act. The elders made it clear that to kill your dog was to invite its spirit into your body. And, as you had killed your loyal companion, it would kill what was dear to you. Raven broke free from his restraints and charged Amber.

She awoke with a start. Light was just beginning to shine through the dorm room window. Amber put on her spare pair of glasses and glanced over at Jasmine's bed. She was gone. The blond had probably never come home. Amber ran a hand through her hair. She'd changed into a pair of comfortable shorts and a t-shirt to sleep in, and her eyes landed on the bandage around her calf. The wound stung. She unwrapped the gauze and gazed at the strange markings. I was definitely a bite mark; rows of tiny teeth had punctured her skin, leaving angry red, bloody blotches in their wake. Amber rewrapped the bandage quickly and focused on the clothes that were thrown carelessly over her computer chair. Raven's jacket was among them. She stood, picked it up, and smelled. All of the familiarity she'd experienced in her dreams came rushing back, warm and painful.

How could this be real? How could any of it be real? It wasn't. It couldn't be. Amber changed her clothes, pulled her hair back, and spritzed some body spray quickly across her torso. She just needed to get out of here, away from thoughts of Raven and the insaneness of her situation. But as she left the room, her eyes landed on the jacket again.

"You know what, there's no point to this," she murmured.

There was no ignoring, no denying. She was either out of her mind or she was the reincarnation of Raven's lover. And somehow it made sense for Raven to be haunted by the spirit of his dog, for her to have been a part of him and to still feel like a part of him, even though decades spanned between the last time they'd known one another. She needed to find him and try to figure out where to go from here. Amber grabbed Raven's jacket and slipped out the door.

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Guest Blogger: Julie Hayes

Thanks for joining me on this lovely Easter Sunday, everyone! I've got Julie Lynn Hayes here today discussing her source of inspiration for Leonardo DiCaprio is a Vampire and sharing a touching tribute to Doctor Who's Elisabeth Sladen.

Inspiration is a fun subject for a writer. Discussing what inspired and helped bring their latest creation/child into being is a very satisfying prospect indeed. I’m going to discuss what inspired me to write Leonardo di Caprio is a Vampire. But first I’d like to touch on a different sort of inspiration, also having to do with a child of mine, albeit not a literary one.

When we name our characters, we can draw on a great many things for inspiration, from the people in our lives to the people we wish were in our lives. Literary and cinematic role models often fuel our imaginations when it comes to names. There are mindboggling choices we narrow down into one which defines who our character is. So it is with children. Their names stick with them for all their lives and can very often contribute to who they are and who they become. Over twenty-one years ago, I gave birth to a daughter. At that time, I was heavily influenced by the world of Doctor Who, especially the Fourth Doctor and his companion. I named my daughter Sarah, after that companion, Sarah Jane Smith. Little did I know that years later, not only would she embrace the Doctor Who fandom, she would delve into it with even greater fervor and devotion than myself. Or was it simply meant to be? Did her name help to define her interest, or was the spark that was present in her at the time of her conception lead me to the right name?

Which makes the death of her inspiration difficult to take. I just learned that Elisabeth Sladen, aka Sarah Jane Smith, passed away from cancer. I read a most wonderful loving tribute to her by Fourth Doctor Tom Baker. And although she is gone, I cannot help but feel that a piece of her lives on inside my daughter. That is inspiration at its finest. Rest in peace, Elisabeth. You will be missed.

My inspiration for Leonardo di Caprio is fairly easy to figure out, to some extent—obviously it has something to do with the actor. It happened last year when I took Sarah to see Inception. I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to go, but Sarah did, and since she’d been good about going with me to see Sorceror’s Apprentice (twice), I gave in with good grace. As we were going into the movie, I couldn’t help but think about other Leo films I’d seen, which was when a voice in my head told me that Leonardo di Caprio is a Vampire.


I’ve learned over the years not to ignore random voices that I hear because they are characters waiting to have their stories told. Not being in a position to write the words down, I held on to them and repeated them to myself throughout the movie. By the time I left the theatre, I knew there two men involved and I needed names. The inspiration for the first name came from the movie Inception itself. Cillian Murphy’s character name was Robert Fisher. That name is heard a lot during the film; it stuck with me. Robert Fisher became Fisher Roberts. On the drive home, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and I was looking for inspiration for the second man’s name. I saw a billboard that spoke of hunting. Now I’m not a fan of hunting, but the name Hunter leapt out at me, and I liked it. I added Long to make Hunter Long. It wasn’t til long after that I realized what I had unconsciously done – Hunter and Fisher. Just a coincidence, I assure you, unless it was done on a subconscious level.

Another great source of inspiration is art, and also photography. We see a picture and our fertile minds begin to create a story. If the picture is of a hot sexy man, so much the better. Inspiration is anything that kicks-starts our imaginations and gets our creative juices flowing.

And sometimes inspiration is a tug at our hearts.

Blurb: Leonardo DiCaprio is a Vampire

'Twas the night before Halloween, and Fisher Roberts wishes it was over, not being a fan of this or any other holiday. But he tolerates it because his roommate/best friend Hunter Long takes a childish glee in all things Halloween. And Fisher has a vested interest in keeping Hunter happy. If only he could find the nerve to tell his childhood friend that he loves him, and has for a very long time.

Fisher thinks Hunter is carrying things a bit far this year, though. First Hunter claims to be a vampire, and he just won’t let the silly joke go. Then he forces Fisher to go to a costumed Halloween party which Fisher would rather avoid, especially when he realizes where it’s being held, and whose house it is. Things at Fisher’s job might just be going south, too, when he receives a mysterious summons to report to the editor’s office the next morning. And then Fisher goes and does something stupid—like kissing Hunter!

Bad leads to worse when Fisher ends up at the Halloween party from Hell, and he learns something that threatens to destroy his and Hunter’s relationship forever. Running from his fears, Fisher encounters a strange young man with an unusual resemblance to Leonardo di Caprio, who shows him things he never realized before, truths about his life and the people in it.

Can Fisher find his way back to Hunter, and can he find the courage to do what his heart wishes?

Excerpt: Leonardo DiCaprio is a Vampire

"Did you know that Leonardo di Caprio is a vampire?"

Fisher Roberts stopped in mid-chew of a mouthful of fibrous cereal to cast a wary, disbelieving glance at his best friend and roommate Hunter Long on the other side of the table. Wary, because he wondered what in the world Hunter was going on about so early in the morning. Disbelieving, because he only had so much time for breakfast before he had to get going to work, and he had a bad feeling that Hunter was trying to eat into that time. Why he wanted to do that was beyond Fisher. Of course, a lot of things about his roommate were beyond Fisher, despite the fact that they’d been friends since they were—well, too young to actually remember how long they’d known each other. But for as long as Fisher could remember, he and Hunter had been best buddies. And he’d learned over the years that, with Hunter, longevity did not equate to knowledge-ability, far from it.

Now, Fisher could react in one of two ways. He could ignore his roommate and keep eating. Pretend he’d heard nothing. But from past experience, that would only cause Hunter’s performance to escalate. Which would entail taking more time to decipher what he was saying, and in the process make Fisher even later to work. Or he could simply bow down to the inevitable and give in by asking him the question he was doubtless waiting to hear. Even if it brought about that smug smirk he was so fond of wearing.

Fisher finished chewing, swallowed, and managed not to roll his eyes as he reached for his juice to kill off what was left in the glass. Waste not, want not. "What do you mean?"

Hunter Long might be six foot two and possessed of a body that many a male model would kill for—at least that’s what Fisher heard the girls who flocked around him say—with the palest of blue eyes that twinkled all the time, and a smile that could and did light up a room. But honestly, he had the capacity to be an overgrown child at times, and this was one of those times. Fisher chalked it up to it being that time of year.

"Well," Hunter replied, "look at him, going on forty, and he looks just like he did what, fifteen years ago? It only stands to reason he must be a vampire. They never age, you know. I mean take a look at us. We’re almost his age, but over the years we’ll grow up to be little old men and he’ll still be playing sweet baby-faced guys even when he’s collecting social security, know what I mean?"

"There are no such things as vampires," Fisher made his typical logical reply, "and just because it’s Halloween tomorrow night, and you’ve got the house all decorated for it, doesn’t mean you have to bring it to the table. Know what I mean?" He arched a no-nonsense brow at the other man. This was not Fisher’s favorite time of year. Neither was Christmas, come to think of it. Or any other holiday. Ironic that he should write articles for a living that meant he was forced to expound on such seasonal topics for Midwest Home and Fantasy, a regional online magazine with a growing fan-base, when he had no real interest in them himself, being a practical, no-nonsense kind of a guy.

"I’m a vampire." Hunter smiled, leaning across the table toward Fisher. "Want to see my fangs?"

Click here to get your copy of Leonardo DiCaprio is a Vampire from Silver Publishing today! Be sure to visit Julie's blog for more info on the author and on past/upcoming releases.

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Check out the great cover art by Reese Dante!

I'm so excited about this! It looks amazing! Now I'm even more excited for the release on June 18th. :)

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Silver Flash!: "The Death of a Dog, Pt. 4"

Hey, all! Welcome back for another fabulous episode of Silver Flash! This week, the prompt was "Wouldn't that be romantic?" Be sure to check out this week's other bloggers, and see the Contests page for a Silver Flash! contest that's running this week.

Amber's brown eyes met Raven's black ones. He seemed perfectly serious. She didn't know what to make of any of any of this. Raven wrapped his jacket around her bare shoulders and tugged it closed in front. He was too familiar, too intimate with her. It was inappropriate and strange and she should have been outraged. But she wasn't. He was caring for her. And in this moment it seemed right somehow.

"I should go," Amber said quietly.

Raven paused, fingers still touching the skin of her neck, sending a shiver through her damp body. Her eyes were wide as she watched him. He didn't seem to want to let her go. She wasn't sure if she was afraid or not...or even if she wanted to be let go.

"You should," Raven agreed.

The splash and hiss sounded again. Amber looked towards the water. Her blurred vision and the moonlight gave everything a dreamlike effect. But she thought she saw something rise up out of the water, long-necked and angry. Another tremble shook her body. Raven's hand moved to her shoulder and tightened its grip, strangely comforting, instinctive, once again feeling too right. Amber's glance found his scars again briefly before meeting his eyes. She didn't want to leave him. She couldn't explain it. Her hand reached up and grasped his hard forearm. She wanted to kiss him. A a strange and sudden desire settled in the pit of her stomach, clenching her heart, taking her breath away. But she couldn't act on it. It didn't make sense.

She released him, and he followed suit. She struggled to stand and squinted, looking at the water once more. The strange creature, if it really had existed, was gone beneath the water again. Amber could make out the bonfire, still burning far away on the opposite shore. Raven remained where he was, squatting on the ground, staring at the rocks and sand. Amber put weight on her injured leg tentatively. It was painful, but not impossible. Raven seemed reminded of her injured state and stood with her, grasping her arm gently, helping her. The touch was electric, confusing.

"I'll take you home," Raven told her.


He didn't answer. Instead, he just slid an arm around her waist and guided her away from the shore, into the woods. It wasn't long before they came to a paved road, used by the occasional cyclist. But tonight the only object in view was a motorcycle. This was a bad idea. How could it not be? Hopping on the back of a stranger's motorcycle and riding away with him into the night, after hearing the crazy man talk about monsters, after seeing one for herself. But he got on, revved the engine, and kicked the kickstand out of the way. He waited for Amber to make her decision.

She got on. It was barely a moment before she swung her leg over the rumbling machine, grasped his bare waist tightly, and they were on their way back to...somewhere. If only she could see clearly. Maybe it would help her to make more rational decisions. They were flying through the night now. Where was he taking her? Why was she so trusting? But within five minutes, they were back on campus, in front of the same cafe where she'd first laid eyes on Raven. Her dorm wasn't far. She managed to clumsily dismount, using Raven's hand for support. He didn't let go.

Amber raised her eyes to his once again, and before she realized exactly why or how it happened, her lips were pressed against his, desperate, bringing the heat she was already feeling to the boiling point. His lips were firm but gentle, guiding her movements, gently prying her lips open, tangling her tongue with his. He tasted sweet, like earth and honey. She would have done anything he wanted, but he pulled away and asked for nothing more. Amber didn't understand. She didn't understand what had happened in the lake tonight or why she felt so instantly and intriguingly attached to this man.

"I want to see you again," Raven said.

His eyes were dark, his tone too serious to leave room for indecision. This wasn't how Amber had imagined her love life going. Meeting a dark, scarred stranger who believed in monsters was not in her plan. She'd imagined meeting a handsome, established doctor at a conference who could complement her intelectually. She'd even considered the idea of a philosphizing, misunderstood barista. Wouldn't that be romantic? But not this. Not this danger, this uncertainty. She just didn't understand. Maybe it was the drinking. Maybe she'd lost more blood than she'd realized. Maybe she was hypnotized. In any case, she found herself saying, "You know where to find me," instead of running far, far away.

Raven gazed at Amber for a long moment. He was having a hard time leaving her. She knew because she felt the same way. But Raven gave the bike gas and drove off. Amber stood on the dimly-lit walkway, watching him go, before finally turning and heading for her dorm.

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Scavenger Hunt Blogs

Here they are, folks! Visit them Wednesday and send me your scavenger hunt lists to be entered into the contest.

Julie Hayes (m/m)

Heather Lin (m/f)

L. M. Brown (m/m)

Victoria Blisse (m/f)

Lindsay Klug (m/f)

Sui Lynn (m/m)

Lily Sawyer (m/m)

Pender Mackie (m/m)

Nicole Dennis (m/m)

Ryssa Edwards (m/m)

RJ Scott (m/m)

Silver Flash Scavenger Hunt!

Hey, everyone! I've organized a little contest for all of you Silver Flash! readers out there. This Wednesday, April 20th, list this week's participating authors and the names of their main characters, e-mail them to me here, and you'll be entered to win this fabulous prize package:

One travel bottle of Bath & Bodyworks Sensual Amber bodywash and Sensual Amber lotion from Heather Lin

One bookthong from Lindsay Klug

Homemade bath bombs from Victoria Blisse

One ebook from RJ Scott

One ebook from Lily Sawyer

One ebook from Pender Mackie

One ebook from Julie Hayes

One ebook from LM Brown

One ebook from Xavier Axelson

The deadline for entries is 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, April 26th, and the drawing will take place on Thursday, April 28th with the winner being announced right here by midnight on Friday, April 29th. We hope you'll join us! :)

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Guest Blogger: Joyee Flynn (with a contest!)

Hello and welcome to a lovely Sunday with Joyee Flynn and one hot M/M excerpt! Keep reading to learn more about her caffeine addiction, themes in her writing, and even some advice for all of you aspiring writers out there. Joyee is also holding an exciting contest!: Comment to enter in to win the first book in an exciting new series from Joyee Flynn-My Maven, My Everything. Contest runs till April 18th and winner to be announced in comment section of post.

How long have you been an author?

I was first published May 2010

What's the one thing you can't write without?

Caffeine. Lots and lots of caffeine.

Where do you find inspiration?

My dreams or nightmares, believe it or not. A lot of times I have some crazy dream that develops into something I can use in a story and I just run with it after I mull it over.

Do you have a favorite place to write?

Curled up on my couch with my laptop. It's comfortable even if I get stiff sitting that way and pup can come put his head on my knee every so often to offer support.

Do your stories tend to have a recurring theme? If so, what is it?

Yes, several actually but I have two main ones that readers can see often in my books.

1-Bigger isn't always better or stronger. I like to show that size isn't always reflected in the character of a person. Sometimes my smallest characters are the ones who are the physically strongest along with mentally and emotionally.

2-No matter who you are or your background, everyone has a breaking point. And I truly believe that. I don't follow the stereotypes that real men don't cry and a strong person can handle anything. That's just bullshit to me. I've seen some of the most manly, strong men I've ever known break down and cry when they experience tragedy or loss and it doesn't make them weak. It makes them human. Emotions to me aren't male or female and everyone has that line that once crossed just falls under too much to handle without cracking.

What books and/or writers have inspired you?

That's a LONG list. I'm a very eclectic reader, though I do tend to stay in fiction. Dante's Inferno is a big one. I love the idea that Hell isn't just Hell and Heaven isn't always Heavenly. Anne Rice is another one. My dog's named after one of her characters, Marius, after all. Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake series takes the cake to me for originality and breaking molds. I'm all about pushing boundaries and reading authors like her shows me that I'm not the only one. And Charlaine Harris who I'd love to be when I'm all grown up. She's another one who doesn't write within the preset ideas of characters. The woman writes some bad ass fairies that don't make you think Tinkerbelle.

Do you have any weird writing habits?

Yes, I time myself. I know, that's one most people don't hear. After about forty-five minutes my hands and wrist start cramping from a college injury. So I have my little timer where ever I'm working and finish the sentence I was writing when it beeps. Then I take about a ten minute break, get up, stretch, let the pup out, throw some laundry in, or other chores that bring me back to the real world for a while. And it helps me plot out where the story's going when I sit back down for the next round of writing.

What advice would you give to any aspiring writers that might be reading this?

Run. Run far away… okay, not really. But think about it very hard if this is a career you can handle. There is a LOT more to being an author than I would ever have thought. And while I love it and wouldn't give it up for any other job in the world, I do wish I'd been better prepared for what I would have to face daily. I work 80-90 hour work weeks and maybe 35-40% of that is writing time. There's about 1k emails a day I have to filter through, read, and figure out which ones I need to reply to. And not all of them are very nice. Hell, some are just downright mean at times. But then there are the ones that are great and have me tearing up that my work has touched someone or gotten them through a rough patch in their life. And that's all any author wants, that their story took the reader out of reality for a while and gave them a good time. Being an author is a roller coaster, from the reviews, to the edits, to release days sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see how your newest book is going to do. So I would say that any aspiring author understand that before submitting any manuscript. This is not a profession you can wade into, it's jumping in the deep end and seeing if you sink or swim.

Blurb: My Maven, My Everything

Madden "Mad" Forrest is a Son of Thanatus, a secret order rumored to be descended from gods. The members possess the ability to hear the souls of the dead and travel the country speaking for those without a voice and helping to lay them to rest. After a particularly stressful job Mad heads to New Orleans and picks up a hot twink in the hotel bar.

Josh McGreggor is out for a night of pleasure before heading off to a new job. The perfect man who invites him over to his table is answer to his desires. What neither expected was the strength of their feelings after one night's passion or that they don't want to part in the light of day.

Can the two men navigate through the minefield that arises from their roles to find love or will they be destined to continue their lives all alone?

The Tame Excerpt: My Maven, My Everything

“And people wonder why I demand witnesses,” I grumbled to myself as I ran my fingers through my shoulder-length black hair. I knew I was so going to tie one off when I got back to my hotel room after this shit.

“Fuck you!” Mike made a lunge for me, but I stepped to the side as Tim grabbed his arm. “You’re just a fucking nut job who thinks he sees dead people! Next you’re going to tell us that you can talk to them, too.”

“No he’s not, Boyle,” Chief Handly said calmly as he joined us with Officer Sanchez right behind him. “I called him in here. Are you questioning my orders and ability to be a cop?”

“No, sir.” Mike got himself under control then as Handly gave him a nod and then waved me to follow him. We walked about twenty feet away before the Chief turned to stare daggers at me. He was shorter than me, but only by a few inches. I was six-six, which helped people not fuck with me often, given what I did.

“Start talking, Forrest.”

“I need to know a few things before I risk you killing me for what I’m about to tell you,” I said slowly, eyeing the man over. He raised an eyebrow as he crossed his arms over his chest before giving me a nod. “How did you find out about me, or I guess who to contact for help?”

“A buddy of mine who works for the FBI. He and I served together in the Army years ago. When I told him about my missing officer, he told me who to contact and what you guys did. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I’m buying what you can do. But if he believes it, and he’s one jaded son of a bitch, I’m willing to take a leap of faith.”

“Did he tell you that we can do more than just find a body?”

“Yeah,” Handly answered slowly, his eyes starting to go wide. “He said you can hear the last thought the person had before they died. Something like the soul repeats it over and over and cannot rest until it’s heard.”

“That’s about right,” I said, rubbing my hands over my face in frustration. “How long have you had Mike Boyle in your department, Chief?”

“A long time. Are you getting at what I think you are?”

“Yeah, and it’s not just Garrett over there, it’s his wife, too.”

“Why would Boyle—” Chief started to ask but then cut himself off. “He was banging Garrett’s wife, wasn’t he? Did Garrett find out?”

“Garrett walked in on them, and Boyle killed them both so he didn’t lose his plush life when his wife divorced him. I guess she’s got a nice prenup.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Handly swore, his voice rising in volume each time. “I can’t prove this off of what you’re saying, Madden.”

“No, but it gives you a step in the right direction on how to solve it. And it also makes me think I’m his planned scapegoat. So that’s why I asked Sanchez to get you in here.”

“You didn’t tell any of them where you were staying, right? You got a hotel in a different town?”

“I always get one at least a county over. As soon as I show you, I’m getting the hell out of dodge,” I answered firmly. This wasn’t my fight, and I wanted no part in it. I was about to do what I was sent here for, and only that. “You ready for this?”

“No, but let’s do it anyways.” I felt bad for the Chief. This was a mess I wouldn’t want to clean up either. He suddenly looked older as he shook his head and turned to walk back to his men. I followed him, feeling the urge to help the two poor murdered souls get stronger the longer I was around.

Once we got back to the group, I took the lead and led them to Garrett and his wife. As soon as they were visible, Mike made his move and launched at me. He was lucky that Meyers stepped in because I had no problem laying the asshole out. And again, with what I do, knowing how to defend myself was a must. I had black belts in several forms of martial arts, and also was as an accomplished marksman.

“Sanchez, escort Madden back to his car,” the Chief ordered as he and Meyers restrained Boyle. He turned to me then. “I’ll be in touch. Thank you for your help.”

“You’re welcome,” I replied with a solemn nod. We didn’t get paid for what we did from law enforcement or most people who contacted us. It was more a trade of favors. The Chief knew if one of our people was ever falsely accused of a murder when we were called in, he’d be asked to step in and attest to what we could do. It wasn’t blackmail or asking for the police to be in our pockets. It was about having credible references.

“I don’t know how you did what you just did, or what the fuck is really going on,” Sanchez said as we got to my car. He stuck out his hand for me to shake. “But thank you. Garrett was a good guy, and no one deserves to just get dumped like a bag of trash like that.”

“I agree. It’s why I do what I do.” I shook his hand and got in my rental car. I know it might seem cold to find two murdered people and leave like that. But given everything that was going on with Boyle being involved, I wanted to get the fuck out of there for self-preservation.

The Wild Excerpt: My Maven, My Everything

“Do you want me to roll over?” Josh asked me moments later after I’d slicked up my hand and cock and was rubbing my fingers against his hole. “How do you want me?”

“I want to see you,” I answered, shocking myself down to my very core. It was a very intimate position, one I normally shied away from. But I wanted to see the gorgeous man, not just close my eyes and fuck him. “And then you’re going to ride me later. And then I’m going to figure out a way to play how you want without handcuffs.”

“Three times? You can go three times in one night?” He gasped and then moaned as I pushed a finger in. “I like the burn. I like a little pain.”

“Good to know,” I replied before latching back onto his nipple and biting down hard. “And I guess we’ll just have to see, won’t we?”

“Personally, I think we should go for four rounds. We started early. it’s only after ten.”

“Whatever you want, baby.” I slid a second finger as I squeezed his ass hard and went back to torturing his nipples. They seemed to be a major hot spot for him because he went wild under me.

“So close, I’m so fucking close.” Josh groaned as I quickly stretched him out.

“Do you want to come now or while I’m fucking you?”

“Both. I recover quickly,” he begged. I angled my fingers to rub over his sweet spot as I scissored them back and forth. Staring at his face, I thrust into him harder and faster. Josh’s eyes went wide a second before he threw back his head and arched his back, screaming as he came. I almost froze in shock as I witnessed the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Part of me wanted to grieve because one night with Josh was not enough.

“Jesus, you’re gorgeous,” I groaned as I slid in a third finger and made fast work of opening him up. His orgasm was just starting to ebb as he was ready for me. I pulled my fingers out of his hole and he moaned quietly and just that was almost enough to have me coming. As quickly as I could, I tore open a condom and rolled it on, wishing desperately that I could ride his sweet ass bareback. “Are you ready for me, baby?”

“Oh, fuck yeah.” Josh gasped and pulled his knees to his chest. “Hard and fast, my Greek god, hard and fast.”

“Why Greek?” I had to ask as I lined up my cock to his pretty pink hole.

“Long dark hair, olive skin, tall and muscular with deep, dark eyes? Yeah, you scream that you’re from Greece or European.” He snickered. He was fairly accurate. My lineage did date back to Roman times, but that really made me more Italian than anything.

“Glad you like.” I didn’t give him time to reply, pushing my cock in his ass instead. Sweet hell, he felt like nirvana. The further I pushed into him, the more I never wanted to leave his tight hold. We both moaned as I bottomed out inside of him, and he wrapped his legs around my hips.

“I’ve never been this full.” Josh gasped as he ran his hands up my arms. “Just how big are you? I didn’t get a chance to really look.”

I leaned over him further, pushing more of my cock inside of him as I went to answer. “Over ten inches. Us Greek gods have big cocks.”

“I can tell.” Just to feed my ego, I pulled out and thrust back into him hard. Josh gasped, smiling and squeezing the muscles in his ass. I knew it was his own way to drive me insane, and it worked.

“You want it hard and fast right?” I asked, silently begging that he wasn’t just teasing me.

“Oh yeah, pound that meat into my ass so I can feel you all week.”

I groaned at the image of him walking funny tomorrow from my being inside of him tonight. Then I took him at his word, fucking him harder than I can ever remember having sex before. Josh made the prettiest sounds while I slammed into his hole over and over again.

“Come for me right now,” I growled when I got close. I grabbed his cock and started stroking him in time with my thrusts. “I want your cum.”

“Fuck!” He cried out as he came, arching his back as his eyes fluttered. I’d never found makeup attractive on a man before, but on Josh it accented his features so perfectly that it made my mouth water. The second his ass clamped down on my cock, I followed him over, roaring out my orgasm as I thrust inside of him.

“I’m so glad you accepted my invitation.” I chuckled in his ear minutes later as I started to come back down from my orgasm.

“You’ve still not accepted mine.” He purred and thrust his hips up. “I’ve offered to let you tie me down and blow you on my knees.”

“Which do you want first?” I groaned as I pulled out of him. I left him to think it over as I took care of the condom in the bathroom and cleaned myself up. Normally I would have cleaned up my partner as well, but we were far from done for the night. I gasped as I came back to the bedroom and walked into another breathtaking sight. Josh was on his knees next to the bed, still naked as he eyed me over like I was his own personal wet dream.

“I figure I should get you hard again if I’m demanding more sex.” He winked up at me.

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Silver Flash!: "Death of a Dog, Pt. 3"

Welcome back, everyone! This week Ryssa was super nice and gave us the choice of two prompts. ;) I chose "What's that noise?"

Amber was sure she'd die. She could see nothing but the moonlight fading fast above her. Then, the pressure on her leg released, strong arms wrapped around her bare waist, and she was pulled back to the surface. She gasped for air as her head broke through the water. Her glasses were gone; her world was abstract. At first, she thought Ash had come back for her after all, but she quickly realized the figure on the shore hadn't been in her imagination. A very strong, very naked man was swimming her to shore. She couldn't quite see his face. Relief mixed with a new fear in her mind.

Amber's body hit the shore, and she crawled onto the rocky beach. The man's arms were still around her, supporting her as she tried to catch her breath. Her body was shaking, and, with the adrenaline leaving her body, pain erupted in her leg. She gritted her teeth and bore it without a sound. She had three older brothers. She'd learned a long time ago to never cry uncle.

Then, squinting in the moonlight, she saw it. The same scar on the palm of this man's hand as she'd seen on the man in the cafe. She lifted her blurred vision to his face and found the same dark eyes. He was unsmiling, eyes narrowed, suspicion etched in his every feature. What was he doing here? Who was he? Why was he naked in the woods at night, staring across a lake at a college party?

He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back so that she was sitting on her butt. His grip was powerful, sending a jolt through Amber as her body complied to his will. Her injured leg stretched straight out across the ground. Fear sreaked through Amber's veins. She would never be able to fight him. But even as he held her fast, he didn't seem to have any intention of harming her, only questioning her.

"How did you know?" he asked sharply, holding her arm in one hand and pushing her dripping hair aside with the other, examining her face, searching for...something.

"How did I know what?" she answered timidly.

"My name."

"I don't."

"You said it. You called for me. How did you know?"

Amber's eyes were wide. This man was crazy.

"I don't...I don't remember. I was scared. I just...I saw you..."

"And you yelled my name."

Amber searched her brain desperately, trying to satisfy this man's questions so he would just let her go. But pain and exhaustion muddled her mind. She glanced at her leg for the first time, but all she saw was a red blur. She couldn't tell how hurt she was. And she didn't know what had hurt her. The man followed her gaze, and his concentration moved immediately to her blurry, bloody leg.

"Shit," he muttered.

Without a word, he ran into the woods. Amber was left alone. But she didn't move. She didn't know how to get back to the other shore, she couldn't see, her leg ached. So she just sat there, in too-short shorts and a ridiculously pink bra. Had the man left her there? Was she free from him? She couldn't decide if it was a good thing or a bad thing. Then she heard something, coming from the water. A great splashing and a long, low hiss. A chill ran down her spine.

She wished the man would come back. And a moment later, he did. He knelt down by her leg. The splash and hiss sounded again.

"What's that noise?" Amber asked breathlessly, fear making it difficult for her to speak.

"The lake monster."

Amber stared at the vague shape of a man in front of her. He must be joking. And what exactly was he doing down there? He'd donned a pair of jeans, and the sudden flash of pain through her body told her he'd just tied his shirt around her wound. Yes. He was definitely crazy. But her fear of the unknown, of being stuck there alone, outweighed her fear of him. He came close to her, remaining shirtless, holding the military-style jacket she'd seen earlier in his hand.

"Now answer me," he demanded. "You shouted my name. You shouted 'Raven' across the water."

"Raven," she whispered, as the faint memory resurfaced. "I don't know how I knew."

He stared at her for a long time. Was he angry? She was telling the truth. It must have been a lucky guess. All she knew was that the experience had been something like a dream where her life should have been flashing before her eyes.

"You're the girl from earlier. From the coffee shop," he observed.

Amber nodded. Raven grasped her hair again, moving it aside again, examining her face again, smelling her scent, if she wasn't mistaken. She wasn't sure how to react, so she didn't. But as he occupied the intimate space, she was able to see another hourglass scar, identical to the one on his hand, on his shoulder.

"What is that?" she whispered.

"A warning."

"Of what?"

"Another type of monster."

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Guest Blogger: Berengaria Brown

Happy Sunday, everyone! Joining me today is my first guest blogger, Berengaria Brown. She's got a sexy excerpt for you and a fun blog about recurring themes in her work. I have to admit I'm pretty jealous of all of her travel adventures, and I'm sure you'll enjoy reading about them and how they influence her work as much as I did. :)

Do your stories tend to have a recurring theme? If so, what is it?

My books seem to have several recurring themes: China, vacations, water, and gardens.

"Changing Cherry", "Chinese Love Triad", and "Terracotta Warriors" (releasing 30 March) are all set in China. I have spent some time in China on business and love their centuries of tradition, the polite, helpful people, their beautiful country. Also, I write a lot of two men/one woman ménages, and in a country with many millions more young men than women, because of their one-child policy, such ménages make excellent sense.

Everyone loves a vacation and vacations leave time for people to discover more about each other, spend long hours having fun together (in and out of bed) and are a great way to move the story forward. "Summer Sizzle", "Vivienne’s Vacation", "Huldah’s Two Hikers", "Three for the Road", and "Double Satisfaction" are all set during vacations. "Combustion", and "Flash Flood", include mini-vacations.

As for water and gardens, my characters love the beach, lakes, the countryside. The "Sex Odyssey" series is set in Resort City, a beachside town. "Dance for Three" has a hot beach scene, "Summer Sizzle" is set at the beach, and the heroine in "Flash Flood" gets caught in a tidal wave. "Tempting Tenealle" involves a courtyard garden, the gardens in "Double Satisfaction" are purely awesome, and "Huldah’s Two Hikers" is set on a hike through a national park.

My newest release, is "Strung Tight" the final book in the "Sex Odyssey" series. Jeff lives in the trailer Park at Resort City and Pete arrives there as a tour guide with a group of very demanding clients.

Blurb: Strung Tight

After a scorching night of sex and sin, two men need to make a decision in their lives.

Jeff works nights playing guitar at a strip club. Pete works days as a tour guide. Neither man is happy and both search for fulfillment. Can they find it in each other’s arms?

While the sex is great, and the orgasms body shaking, how can their relationship survive if they’re separated by time? Surrendering to wild emotions is easy. Real life is messy but the fight for love is worth it.

EXCERPT: Strung Tight

The two men gazed into each other’s eyes. Lust exploded like a visible force, and Jeff took two hurried paces to close the gap between them. Pete stepped into Jeff’s embrace and wrapped his arms around the taller man’s waist, lifting his face for a kiss.

Jeff gently pressed his lips to Pete’s, then swiped his tongue along the seam of the blond’s mouth. He opened and Jeff slid his tongue inside, enjoying Pete’s taste of coffee and mints and something spicy.

He trailed his tongue behind Pete’s teeth, and along the insides of his cheeks, then tangled it with the blond’s in an erotic dance, before sucking his tongue into his mouth.

They didn’t break the kiss until both of them were breathless. Even then Jeff nibbled on Pete’s lower lip and ran his hands up and down the man’s spine, wanting to get closer, needing to be inside him, right now, but not wanting to seem to be rushing or coercing the blond.

Jeff pulled Pete’s shirt up, stroking the soft skin, loving the feel of muscles and bones and sinews moving under his touch. "Take it off," he whispered hoarsely.

"You too. I liked the look of your chest in the club."

They broke apart a few inches and shed their shirts. Jeff took Pete’s hand and led him to the end of the trailer where he sank onto the sofa and pulled Pete onto his lap. Teasingly, Pete rubbed his ass across Jeff’s cock, making him groan. "If you keep that up I’ll get zipper burn!"

Pete stood up. "Well, take your pants off. I’d like to see your cock."

"Together. We’ll take them off together," replied Jeff, standing as well.

It took Jeff a few minutes to get his boots and socks off and Pete watched him. Pete had bare feet inside his loafers, so that part of the program had taken him all of one second.

They stood facing each other, hands on belts, and, like the dancers in the strip club, they slowly undid their belts, pulled them out of the loops, dropped them to the floor, then unzipped.

Pete remained still and watched as Jeff spread the fly of his jeans wide, displaying dark blue briefs. He put his hands on his hips and nodded to Pete.

Pete’s pants were a lot looser than the jeans Jeff was wearing. Just as he’d hoped, when Pete opened them, the pants slid to the floor, leaving him in his tighty whiteys.

Jeff pushed his jeans down his legs and stepped out of them, then hooked a finger in one side of his briefs. Pete mirrored his actions, stepping out of his pants and sliding the underwear down an inch or two on one side.

Turning forty-five degrees, Jeff slid his briefs off his butt, leaving it exposed, but his cock covered. He turned his head over his shoulder, watching to see what Pete would do next.

Pete turned his back to him, dropped his underwear to the floor, pushed his ass out, and bent his knees, displaying his puckered rosette for Jeff. It was the sexiest ass Jeff had ever seen, the hole a deep pink, beckoning him to sink his aching dick in it. Below the yummy anus, in the gap between Pete’s legs, his balls hung, and Jeff had to lick his lips and swallow hard, they looked so delicious. He couldn’t wait to get them in his mouth.

But wait? Was that the edge of a tattoo showing on the inside of Pete’s thigh? God! What other treasures was the blond hiding? And he had a little secret yet to display himself. "Turn around," he ordered, hoping not to sound as needy as he felt.

"Drop your pants and we’ll turn together," suggested Pete, his voice alive with laughter.

Jeff turned his back on the other man, pulled off his underwear, and looked over a shoulder, resting one hand lightly across his hot, hard cock. Pete had straightened up and was looking across at him.

Jeff couldn’t help a huge grin spreading across his face. This man was perfect for him. Hell, he hadn’t had this much fun in a year, and they weren’t even in bed yet!

"On the count of three. One."


"Three!" they both called together turning to face each other.

It was a tattoo! A swirling tribal pattern, spiraling and twisting and turning from the upper inside of Pete’s left thigh, across his groin and lower belly, to just below his bellybutton. It was a maze of black and blue and red lines, an intricate, yet clean, pattern that drew his gaze unerring to the man’s cock. And what a beautiful cock it was. Red and thick and long, pre-cum already beading in the slit of a fat, flat head he couldn’t wait to suck. "Very nice," he managed to say.

Pete’s gaze was glued to Jeff’s cock. He didn’t even look up when he said, "I’ve always wondered what one of those would feel like inside me. It’s a Prince Albert piercing isn’t it? Damn but I’ve hit the jackpot tonight."

"I aim to make sure you’ll come harder than you’ve ever come before," said Jeff, pulling Pete into his arms and rubbing their cocks together.

Pete lifted his face to be kissed, wrapping his arms around Jeff’s waist and rubbing his nipples across Jeff’s chest. When they broke apart from kissing, Pete whispered, "I don’t think I can wait any longer. I need you inside me, now."

"That’s what I want, too."

Click here to get your copy of Strung Tight at Evernight Publishing today! And be sure to visit Berengaria's blog and website for more info on the author and on past/upcoming releases.

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Silver Flash!: "The Death of a Dog: Pt. 2"

Welcome back for another round! This week's prompt was "That will come back to haunt you." Enjoy!

Party central was one mile from the college. Jasmine's friend, Tara, threw them on the rocky shore of a wide lake that was hidden from view by a dense forest. Amber and Jasmine arrived together. The bonfire made the whole shore glow, flickering off of the deep water and beer bottles. Jasmine had convinced Amber to put on her shortest denim shorts, but she wore a long-sleeved shirt and kept her auburn hair straight and free; she didn't have the patience for curling irons. The girls sat down with a few friends from their classes. Amber knew Ash from History, and he handed her a beer.

"Hey, Amber," he greeted.

"Hey, Ash."

"Want a cig?"

"No, thanks."



They clinked their beers together and drank. It didn't take long for Jasmine to end up in some boy's lap; another couple formed across from her. Amber felt awkward. She couldn't just throw herself at someone like that. She glanced over at Ash, and he winked. She smiled politely and finished her beer. Then she stood.

"Do you want another?"


Ash grinned; his body language was tense, hopeful. Amber considered the option for a moment. Ash was quite good-looking, actually. Blond hair, blue eyes...He played some kind of sport. What was it? Lacrosse? Maybe. Amber reached into a cooler and grabbed two bottles.

But Ash had no idea what he wanted. Not many of her friends did. Amber was the odd one out. She was studying Psychology. After she graduated, there would be graduate school, and then she'd work under a reputable psychologist and eventually open her own practice. Men were in there, of course. Somewhere. But it would take someone special to make her look twice. Someone interesting.

Her mind flitted to the man from the college café before she could stop it. What was it about him? He was so attractive, so intriguing, but so...not dangerous, exactly, but certainly not safe. Amber told herself he'd only entered her brain as an example of someone she would never be interested in.

She felt a hand on her shoulder, and she jumped. It was Ash, cigarette in hand.

"Everything okay?" he asked.

"Yeah. Daydreaming. Here you go." She handed him the beer and touched his cigarette lightly with her index finger. "That will come back to haunt you, you know."

"So they tell me." He took a puff and blew it out again. "I like you, you know."

"I know."

"Oh." He seemed taken aback.

Amber blushed. That hadn't been the right response. "Um, sorry, I'm just...focusing on school right now."



Amber smiled, and they clinked bottles. The mood was light again.

"Hey, do you...want to go for a swim?"

Amber looked from Ash to the water. The idea of swimming at night had never really occurred to her. She supposed it was warm enough, but she hadn't brought any swim wear. Ash was grinning. She could do it. She could be spontaneous. And it might help to make up for the fact she just rejected him.



Ash threw his cigarette down and stomped on it. Then he tossed his keys down beside the cooler and peeled off his shirt. His shoes and sneakers came off next. Amber hesitated, then pulled off her shirt and tossed her slip-ons aside. It wasn't much different than wearing a bikini, and she left her shorts and glasses on. She wasn't planning on going under water, after all. She glanced around. No one seemed to be paying much attention. People were playing volleyball or roasting marshmallows or making out. Ash took her hand and tugged, encouraging her to join him in the water. She waded. He dove in.

Germs. Germs were on her mind. What exactly was in this water? Algae could carry E. Coli, couldn't it? But Ash pulled her down, laughing and splashing, and she let go of her reservations. The water was cool, refreshing against her skin. She and Ash had known one another for a year, and while they didn't talk often, conversation was free and easy when they did. Amber began to backstroke, pushing herself along. The full moon shone on the surface. Ash splashed her, and she swam after him.

Before she knew it, they were far from shore, and she couldn't find the bottom of the lake with her feet. The sensation was terrifying and exhilerating all at the same time. Ash shook the water out of his hair. Amber's glasses were wet; she could barely see. But she could feel. Strong arms grabbed her around the waist. She thought Ash was just goofing around, but then his lips pressed down on hers. Amber struggled and finally managed to break free, swimming clumsily away. Ash grabbed her again. Fear and anger erupted in her heart, and she smacked him.

"Cut it out!" she shrieked.

"Ow! Dammit, Amber. You're such a bitch."

Ash rubbed his face and headed back to shore. Amber watched him go as best she could through her foggy lenses. She should have known the swim wasn't as innocent as it had seemed. She was upset, embarrassed. She wasn't ready to follow him back yet. She kept herself afloat, anxiety burning in her chest.

But Amber's problem quickly became insignificant. Something brushed against her leg beneath the water. The depths remained dark, even with the full moon shining. Before she could decide whether or not to be afraid, something snapped closed on her calf and tugged, trying to pull under the surface. Panic was at the forefront of Amber's mind, making her dizzy, near fainting. She thrashed wildly, struggling against the insistent weight.

Through her terror, she caught a glimpse of the opposite shore and what she thought was the tall, naked figure of a man. Moisture dripped from her glasses. It could easily have been an illusion. But she screamed the first name that came into her terrified mind. It just seemed right somehow.


Then she was pulled under.

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Perhaps running late is a condition...

But I can explain! I just started working again. So now it's a matter of balancing work and art instead of...the couch and art? In any case, my addition to Lisabet Sarai's excerpt festival appeared yesterday on her blog! It's a promo for Scandal (one of the last, I fear, since I'll soon have two new ebooks to focus on). So go ahead and check it out, guys! Remember, the person with the most comments during the festival gets some yummy free books to read. ;)