Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Silver Flash!: "The Death of a Dog, Pt. 4"

Hey, all! Welcome back for another fabulous episode of Silver Flash! This week, the prompt was "Wouldn't that be romantic?" Be sure to check out this week's other bloggers, and see the Contests page for a Silver Flash! contest that's running this week.

Amber's brown eyes met Raven's black ones. He seemed perfectly serious. She didn't know what to make of any of any of this. Raven wrapped his jacket around her bare shoulders and tugged it closed in front. He was too familiar, too intimate with her. It was inappropriate and strange and she should have been outraged. But she wasn't. He was caring for her. And in this moment it seemed right somehow.

"I should go," Amber said quietly.

Raven paused, fingers still touching the skin of her neck, sending a shiver through her damp body. Her eyes were wide as she watched him. He didn't seem to want to let her go. She wasn't sure if she was afraid or not...or even if she wanted to be let go.

"You should," Raven agreed.

The splash and hiss sounded again. Amber looked towards the water. Her blurred vision and the moonlight gave everything a dreamlike effect. But she thought she saw something rise up out of the water, long-necked and angry. Another tremble shook her body. Raven's hand moved to her shoulder and tightened its grip, strangely comforting, instinctive, once again feeling too right. Amber's glance found his scars again briefly before meeting his eyes. She didn't want to leave him. She couldn't explain it. Her hand reached up and grasped his hard forearm. She wanted to kiss him. A a strange and sudden desire settled in the pit of her stomach, clenching her heart, taking her breath away. But she couldn't act on it. It didn't make sense.

She released him, and he followed suit. She struggled to stand and squinted, looking at the water once more. The strange creature, if it really had existed, was gone beneath the water again. Amber could make out the bonfire, still burning far away on the opposite shore. Raven remained where he was, squatting on the ground, staring at the rocks and sand. Amber put weight on her injured leg tentatively. It was painful, but not impossible. Raven seemed reminded of her injured state and stood with her, grasping her arm gently, helping her. The touch was electric, confusing.

"I'll take you home," Raven told her.


He didn't answer. Instead, he just slid an arm around her waist and guided her away from the shore, into the woods. It wasn't long before they came to a paved road, used by the occasional cyclist. But tonight the only object in view was a motorcycle. This was a bad idea. How could it not be? Hopping on the back of a stranger's motorcycle and riding away with him into the night, after hearing the crazy man talk about monsters, after seeing one for herself. But he got on, revved the engine, and kicked the kickstand out of the way. He waited for Amber to make her decision.

She got on. It was barely a moment before she swung her leg over the rumbling machine, grasped his bare waist tightly, and they were on their way back to...somewhere. If only she could see clearly. Maybe it would help her to make more rational decisions. They were flying through the night now. Where was he taking her? Why was she so trusting? But within five minutes, they were back on campus, in front of the same cafe where she'd first laid eyes on Raven. Her dorm wasn't far. She managed to clumsily dismount, using Raven's hand for support. He didn't let go.

Amber raised her eyes to his once again, and before she realized exactly why or how it happened, her lips were pressed against his, desperate, bringing the heat she was already feeling to the boiling point. His lips were firm but gentle, guiding her movements, gently prying her lips open, tangling her tongue with his. He tasted sweet, like earth and honey. She would have done anything he wanted, but he pulled away and asked for nothing more. Amber didn't understand. She didn't understand what had happened in the lake tonight or why she felt so instantly and intriguingly attached to this man.

"I want to see you again," Raven said.

His eyes were dark, his tone too serious to leave room for indecision. This wasn't how Amber had imagined her love life going. Meeting a dark, scarred stranger who believed in monsters was not in her plan. She'd imagined meeting a handsome, established doctor at a conference who could complement her intelectually. She'd even considered the idea of a philosphizing, misunderstood barista. Wouldn't that be romantic? But not this. Not this danger, this uncertainty. She just didn't understand. Maybe it was the drinking. Maybe she'd lost more blood than she'd realized. Maybe she was hypnotized. In any case, she found herself saying, "You know where to find me," instead of running far, far away.

Raven gazed at Amber for a long moment. He was having a hard time leaving her. She knew because she felt the same way. But Raven gave the bike gas and drove off. Amber stood on the dimly-lit walkway, watching him go, before finally turning and heading for her dorm.


  1. This is so romantic, I can't wait to see more of these two!

  2. Thanks, guys! I think I'm going to write the next installment this morning before work. It's always a struggle now between whether I should work on my WIP or Silver Flash. I'm so excited about both! :)

  3. I can't wait until these two meet up again. And I really want to know what the monster is.