Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Silver Flash!: "Like Poison: Pt. 1?"

Hey, all! It's been a while. Blame the writer's block. Which I, personally, blame on the stress of trying to buy a house/planning a wedding. If only it were as easy as it seems in the novels... ;) Well, I took this week's prompt (" a problem with personal space...") as an opportunity to do a bit of free writing, so I honestly don't know if this is going anywhere, but I hope you enjoy it!

Eugenia lay on her mother's grave, wearing a white dress, her red hair pooled around her fair face. Her feet were bare. But the image wasn't as romantic as she'd thought it might be from watching sad movies and reading Edgar Allan Poe. The dirt was fresh and the damp grains clung to her skin and dress. It was a morbid picture for a morbid time.

The Rapture had come and gone a week ago, in the middle of the night. At least it had been the middle of the night in America; in China babies' souls had been snatched away in broad daylight. But there were no empty shoes, no free-flying people. There were only bodies. Millions. Empty.

Eugenia's mother had finally been buried last night. Morning was beginning to peek over the treetops around the graveyard. She was alone. But she figured it probably wouldn't be for long.

The supernaturals had seen this as their time to shine, and vamps and weres roamed the streets unabashedly. They'd already taken most of those who weren't claimed by God. Vampires had some locked away for farming, worried about "natural resources." The werewolves couldn't contain themselves in order to conserve anything. But they were only monsters once a month. The vamps came out every night. Every afternoon. Every morning.

Why Eugenia hadn't been snatched up, she didn't know.

But they always came around at dawn. To watch her. She suspected they had since she was young. But they never bit. They never tried. Eugenia lifted her head and gazed at the tree line. She could see them. Did they think she was stupid? She sat up and stared back at them. Why didn't they just take her? Why didn't one of them just come and put her out of her misery?

She was alone. Utterly alone. With just those eyes staring at her. Then one finally did approach. He was a tall one, impossibly attractive, with dark brown eyes and straight, jet black hair. But they were all impossibly attractive. The better to lure you in with, my dear.

Eugenia didn't move. She hadn't eaten in days. What did she care if she was drained? If they released her soul the way God had refused?

The vamp circled her, studying her. Eugenia's skin prickled. He said nothing. That drove Eugenia even more crazy than the impending death.

"You've got a problem with personal space, haven't you?" she spoke finally, her voice barely above a whisper.

The man grinned. "You're a strange one."

"I'm strange?"

"I've been watching you."

"I know."

"I bit you there. When you were young."

Eugenia hadn't been expecting that. "What?"

The man squatted down, a devilish grin on his lips. He reached out, moved her flaming hair. She let him.

"I bit you. Just there."

His fingertips brushed the twin marks on her neck that her mother had said were from chicken pocks. Eugenia's stomach dropped.

"You didn't drain me."

"I couldn't."

"I don't understand."

"Your blood is like poison."


His mouth curled up further. "It's disgusting."


"There's nothing left of the life you know. Come with me."


"Your mother is dead."

"I'm not."

"Not yet."

Eugenia was tired. She was tired of fighting and tired of this strange, week-old world. So when the man offered her his hand, she accepted. Maybe she would die. Maybe she wouldn't. But her only other option was lying here until she starved to death. She couldn't bring herself to move on her own. The man placed a hand on her waist and guided her away from the unmarked grave.

"I fear a darkness plagues you that is worse than ours."

Eugenia stared back over her shoulder at what she was leaving behind.

"I think the plague has come and gone."

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