Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Silver Flash!: "Getting Intimate"

I'm back! ...after a horribly failed NaNoWriMo. I'm hoping to be a little more blog-active from now on, but my real life just keeps interfering with my fake life. It's hard to find inspiration for posts and stories when I'm also trying to find inspiration for centerpieces and wall paint.

In any case, I'm here this week with a tasty little morsel. The prompt I used was "eyes were closed as if in prayer." Enjoy!

"Yeah, Baby!"

"I'm gonna hit that!"

Jaqueline tuned out the screams. She was here to dance, and even though she was naked on stage, she was still here for her, for the music, for the money. The men who came were sleazy, to say the least, and she spent her weekend nights pretending they didn't exist. She had a goal--to get herself through college--and since she could make more in two nights doing this than she could doing anything else, she danced, and used her free nights to study.

She opened her eyes and glanced at the nearest booth. It always made her feel safer, knowing that the bouncers were right there, ready to jump in if any of the customers lost their minds. Jacqueline swayed in time to the beat of the club music. She was already down to her thong; the metal pole was cold against the warm skin of her back.

She kept her eyes on the bouncer. James was a new recruit--tall and strong in a way that was barely noticeable, that just simmered beneath the surface of his tan skin. He didn't smile often, but when he did...She bit her lip and touched her breast. He was toying with a glass of soda, watching the crowd. She turned and faced away from them, but she kept her eyes on James, giving everyone a great view of her ass, and wrapped her legs around the pole.

This was the part she liked--the freedom. The body heat surrounded her, warming her bare skin like a Caribbean sun. She rubbed the pole between her breasts, between her thighs, moaning as the smooth metal caressed her clit through her barely-there panties. No one could hear over the bass. Jacqueline leaned back and swung herself around, letting her long, fiery hair brush the stage beneath her. Then she snapped up again, her bright blue eyes locking on James once more.

To her surprise, his dark brown eyes were on her, as well.

They weren't supposed to stare. The bouncers were supposed to be focused on the crowd, as he'd been before, looking for drunks and wandering hands. But he wasn't straying. His muscles were tense; she was too obvious. He was soft-spoken and sexy, and now, naked and in a place oozing with deviance, she couldn't help herself.

Her nipples puckered; intense heat spread in her stomach and slowly trickled to her loins. She sighed and continued her dance, touching herself, fleetingly, pretending her own hands were his. She couldn't take her eyes off of James. His gaze was hungry, and he mouthed five words to her that took her breath away:

"I'm going to fuck you."

Jacqueline faltered in her movements but quickly recovered. Her legs were shaky. She leapt onto the pole again, higher this time, flexing her thighs and moving up and down, feeling the liquid rush that was very familiar but somehow brand new.

As she watched, James' left hand disappeared under the table. His face was an emotionless mask, but she noticed a small tick in his jaw. His left arm moved subtly, his right one remained on the table. To anyone else, he appeared innocent--just a calm spectator.

Jacqueline let out her breath in a rush and gyrated against the pole, still keeping time to the music. She wanted to keep going, she wanted to hump the pole until she burst, but the continuous movements would become too suspicious.

She swung off again and, this time, used her frustration to her advantage. She threw herself onto her knees and crawled towards the crowd, giving James every view, shaking her bare breasts and bumping her ass up and down just for him.

But her body was begging her to continue what she’d started. She glanced behind her, to see how James was reacting. His arm moved more quickly, his visible hand was a tight fist as he tried to keep control.

Jacqueline was wet. The men in the front row noticed, and a few hooted and hollered and threw out twenties. She paid them no mind. Instead, she crawled back over to the pole, faced it, and pulled herself up. Slowly, erotically, she slid her body up the cool metal, starting at her chest and ending at her abdomen, almost giving her body what it wanted.

She finally gave in, letting her pelvis make contact. Then she leaned back, slowly, melting to the ground until her back was on the floor of the stage and her thighs gripped the pole tightly. This was it. This was all the sensuality her breathless, glistening body could handle.

She turned her head and set her sights on James one last time. His eyes were closed as if in prayer. His lips were slightly parted. He was nearing his ecstasy, and Jacqueline wanted to go with him. She rolled her hips eagerly, rubbing her clit at an almost impossible speed against the sturdy pole, until, finally, her world exploded in a rush of bright lights and bass.

Jacqueline had good timing. The music ended. Her dance was over. Singles rained down on her heaving body, but she only had eyes for James. His head was tipped back now, his body shuddered. He'd reached the end of his control as well.

When his eyes opened and met hers, she licked her lips seductively, and he smiled that smile that had turned her on so much in the first place.

This wouldn't be a bad semester at all.

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