Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Silver Flash!: "Favorite"

Happy Wednesday, everyone, and welcome to another Silver Flash! This week's prompt was "I'd walk across _____ for you."

"I love you."

"Of course you do."

"I'd walk across oceans for you."

"You'd walk across anything for me right now."

Jahna lounged across the hotel bed, still wearing the lacy black thong and matching bra she'd put on especially to please the senator's son. She knew exactly what he liked by now. She was his favorite.

"I would." Lowell gave her a sideways grin.

He was naked, his large cock still deflating. Jahna licked her lips, ensuring the last salty drops of his cum were gone.

"I bought you this." He pulled a long, velvet-covered box from under one of the perfectly-fluffed, pure white pillows.

Jahna glanced from the box to Lowell's sweet brown eyes. He wasn't the most handsome man, but he certainly wasn't the worst she'd had, either. Not by far. She'd worked herself up through the ranks, moving from the street corner to high class clientele, always being choosy and remaining one of the lucky few to escape an STD or pregnancy or abortion gone wrong.

Hooking was an art, nearly forgotten. To be a success story, one had to possess just the right amount of coyness, sex appeal, and a touch of innocence. Most men needed something to go on --the smallest of hopes that they might be the first to truly please their woman.

And Jahna had all of it it. Her eyes widened slightly, surprised. For a moment, she gave him that pleasure of pleasing her. And then just like that the innocent flirtation, the submission to the sweet, rich man, retreated, and a playful smile touched her lips.

"That had better be a bonus and not means of payment."

Lowell smiled, his eyes bright with excitement. "It is. It's a gift."

"Thank you."

She smiled again and took the box. She opened it to find a white gold necklace laced with tiny diamonds. It was beautiful. Moments like this really made her feel like she'd reached the top. She pulled her hair aside and let Lowell place it around her neck. He kissed her skin sweetly, and her smile was temptingly demure.

"Stay the night with me," he requested.

"I can't."

"How much longer do we have?"

Jahna turned and kissed his mouth, tracing his lips with her tongue, making him groan and stand at attention once more.

"Fifteen minutes."

"You have another appointment?"

"Afraid so."

Lowell's next groan was one of disappointment. He laid her on her back on the big, plush bed, ready to make his last fifteen minutes worthwhile. Jahna glanced at the clock once again, to make sure her timing was correct. Yes. Fifteen minutes, and she'd have plenty of time to make it to his father's apartment.

She was his favorite, too.

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