Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Silver Flash!: "Death of a Dog, Pt. 10" FINAL CHAPTER

Hey, all, and thanks for joining me for another Silver Flash! This is the last installment of "Death of a Dog," which means a whole new fun and exciting (and sexy) story next week! This week's (loose) prompt was "I took a vow of silence when he tries to talk to me." I hope you enjoy it!

But Amber didn't die. She peeked through her fingers. Jasmine had escaped the lake and sat, trembling, about fifteen feet away, watching the water and creatures before her. Amber didn't want to look at them, but she did.

It wasn't in time to see much. Most of the damage had been done. The bloody corpse of the lake monster sank beneath the water; the dog that was sometimes the love of her two lives didn't look much better, but he was standing, victorious.

He hadn't gone after Jasmine at all. He'd wanted the monster. He was protecting her.

The dog's eyes landed on Amber. He began to advance. Amber stood still. She was tired. Two days ago, her life had been normal. And now she'd done everything she could to get it back to the way it was and bring Raven with her. Instead, she'd dragged Jasmine down. And she wouldn't soon forget the fact that Jasmine's friend Paul had been killed in the process.

Curses and blood fed this land. But so did love. So Amber waited for the dog, waited for Raven.

He sat in front of her, then laid down at her feet, and closed his eyes. Amber knelt to the ground and touched his head. She knew something was happening, something important. But she didn't know what. Then the dog morphed, and it was Raven again. Amber stared at his beautiful, naked form.

Raven's black eyes opened, and he raised himself into a seated position. He blinked blearily, then focused his gaze on Amber.

"Is it over?" she asked.

Raven looked himself over. It was as if he'd been in another world; he was collecting himself, getting to know himself again. A strange, happy smile appeared on his lips.


"Is he gone?"

"Yes." Rave touched her face lightly with his fingertips. "I think he finally realized that you'll cross generations to be with me." Amber smiled. Raven kissed her sweetly on the lips. "And he let me save Jasmine." He glanced over at Amber's friend, and she followed his gaze.

The poor girl was just staring at them, white-faced. Her roommate was kissing a naked werewolf, and there was a dead lake monster twenty feet away from her, concealed by the water. Amber could understand her shock.

"I'll find some clothes," Raven said softly. "I need to sleep. And then we can figure out our lives together. In freedom."

A corner of Amber's mouth lifted in a smile. Raven moved in the direction of the campsite.

Jasmine watched him warily. Raven tried to give her a reassuring smile, tried to say hello, but Jasmine was determined to remain silent when it came to him. She needed to pretend he didn't exist. Amber managed to make her way over to her friend. They were both shaky, the adrenaline from the day's events wearing off.

She and Raven would be okay. The secrets were all revealed, and the dog was gone. But she wasn't so sure about Jasmine.

"Do you want to talk?" Amber asked, and Jasmine shook her head. "It's hard to explain."

"Then don't."

"You can't pretend this never happened."

"I can't pretend what never happened?"

Jasmine looked her in the eye. It might have been amusing if her friend wasn't dead serious. But she was. And who knew? Maybe Jasmine really would be able to convince herself that today had all just been a dream. She'd sleepwalked and hit her head. Paul had never existed.

"Come on, Jasmine. We'll get you home."

Jasmine nodded, and Amber helped her friend to her feet. They went to the camp site. Raven had been understandably exhausted, and he was already asleep inside. Amber rummaged through his things until she found the motorcycle keys.

"Here, Jasmine. Take these and the bike and go. Leave the keys on my dresser. I'll be back eventually."

Jasmine looked from her friend to the man she must still view as a monster.

"I don't understand."

"It doesn't matter." Amber shrugged and gave a half-hearted smile. "It's just a dream, anyway."

Jasmine nodded and began walking away in the direction Amber pointed. Then Amber crawled into the tent and laid down next to her slumbering love. This might be Jasmine's nightmare, but for Amber and Raven the nightmare was finally over. The confusion was clear, the memories were real, and with the dog finally accepting his death, they would finally be able to live their lives out together, the way they were always meant to.

The End!

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  1. This was great, Heather! I hope you plan to develop this into a full blown book, you should!
    Sorry to see it end!

  2. I finally caught up. . . just in time for the end! I'm excited to see what comes next.

  3. Thanks, ladies! I still need to play catch