Friday, June 3, 2011

Strangers... now available from New Concepts Publishing! It's a short ebook, and short means cheap! $2.50 buys you a pretty nice chunk of steamy shapeshifter sex. So snag your copy today! Check out the blurb below and click on the pic to buy. :)


Elise is the beautiful bartender at Manny's, and Johnny is the mysterious and oh-so-sexy bouncer. They've been sleeping together for a month, but Elise is starting to want more. She wants to get to know Johnny, to find out who he really is. When a customer gets rowdy in the bar and then threatens her life later that night, she gets the opportunity to do just that. She discovers the secret Johnny's been trying to keep—he's a shape shifter, and he's been living his life on the run to avoid being recruited by the government for his talents. Elise got what she wanted, but it may mean the end of their affair instead of the beginning of a relationship.

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