Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Silver Flash!: "Plaything"

Hey, all! I'm a bit late posting on this lovely Wednesday, but here it is! It's a one-shot this time and not the most romantic story ever, but I sure hope you enjoy it! ;)

The prompt: "The difference is I lie for a reason!"

"What's this?" Landon held up Tina's open wallet while she was sitting at the vanity mirror, touching up her makeup.

She glanced at him under long lashes, and a wry smile touched her lips. "Looks like a jerk going through my purse to me."

He looked at the accessory again. They'd met at a bar the previous night, and he'd taken her back to a hotel room for a night of passion she'd never forget. But he'd underestimated the young woman's own talents in the bedroom. That thing she'd done with her tongue...He shook himself out of his heated reverie before new problems began to arise.

"You're eighteen?"

"I'm legal."

"You were drinking at a bar."

"Do three years make that much of a difference?"

Landon's cheeks grew hot. "It's the difference between a thirty-five year old having sex with someone in their twenties and a teenager."

Tina laughed. She was laughing at him. Landon looked down at the wallet again, still in shock. Last night had been nothing less than amazing. He was going to ask to see her again. But now...
The curvy, dark-haired beauty sat down next to him on the bed. She reached out and brushed his hair off of his forehead.

"You lied, too, you know."

"What did I lie about?"

Tina lifted his left hand and kissed his ring finger. He glanced down. The tan line was visible where his wedding ring had once been.

"The difference is I lie for a reason," he answered defensively.

"What reason is that?"

"I'm unhappy. She doesn't treat me right."

Tina laughed again. She was dressed; her makeup was perfect. She kissed his cheek and stood. "You never asked my age."

"You were in a bar!"

"Landon..." her smile was slightly sympathetic, almost condescending. Landon had a hunch he was dealing with the youngest, cold-hearted vixen he'd ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on. And he was right. "I know you. I know your type. Don't think you're outsmarting anyone. I chose you last night. You're my plaything. I'll never be yours."

She touched his hair again, a last tender gesture to go with the sting of her words. The door snapped shut behind her, difinitively. Nothing had gone the way Landon had planned. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wedding band. He slipped it back onto his finger, examined it.

Would he do it again? Landon stood and picked up his jacket, preparing to go home. He'd read once that men who cheated had an addiction. He was on number four, and this one had shaken him.

But, yes, he'd probably be right back at that same bar next Friday night, picking up some hot young thing. Only this time, he'd be sure to check their ID.

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